SPEAK – an Erasmus+ project aimed at exploring the potential of public speaking and entrepreneurial skills to attain high ranking results, conceivable for adults in the process of personal and professional development through advanced communication, with a specific focus on public speaking ability. The project had four (4) European partners from Sweden, Austria, Turkey, and Italy. SPEAK deploys an intervention on the development and promotion of an innovative methodology on skills-related transition and considers the consideration of adult learning cycle dimension through a systematic assessment that is based on educational, integrational, and creative factors. The main objectives of the project include promoting the innovative educational format of speaking skills enhancement, co-creation, and peer interaction, reduce the social exclusion of disadvantaged adults by creating and piloting o format for educational offer targeted at social operators and organizations for the development of their capacities in employing speaking skills.

The strategy points to issues which are universal to the different roots of marginalization, among which include low access to education, employment in the labour market, income inequalities and excluded people as compared with the mainstream population. The target group SPEAK is addressed to an audience of direct targets and indirect targets; Direct targets (Educators/ Trainers in the field interested in developing their understanding of communication and entrepreneurship). Indirect Targets – Disadvantaged marginalized people from urban and rural communities.

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