Who is involved in this project

–Name: Ifall
–Foundation year: 2013
–Website: http://ifall.se/
–Contact: neco@ifall.se
–Keywords: volunteers, organization ,integration, Refugee Centre, Education Centre

The main objective of the organization is to promote integration between cultures and counteract violence between cultures in Sweden and in other countries. With culture we mean individual. In this way we would like state that we are not only working with integration of refugees/minorities/immigrants but also we are working with integration of cultures in different level. The organization fulfils the main objective through:

• giving help to self-help so that the individual’s understanding of her/his own culture and self-esteem amplifies.

• providing multi-cultural meeting places where the exchange of experiences, values and cultures promote individual’s life quality

• building social network between different cultures

• encouraging the individual to take responsibility in society

• developing and practicing effective and creative approaches/methods for integration, both formal and non-formal.

• spreading information in order to increase awareness of the meaning of culture and different cultures.

–Name: Y.E.SPotenza
–Country: Italy
–Foundation year: 1999
–Website: www.yespotenza.wordpress.com
–Contact: imbesi.anto@gmail:com
–Keywords: profit association, nature & environment disabilities and disadvantaged people

Youth Europe Service is a no profit association that works, in the social and environmental field, to:

-Promote actions to respect nature & environment

-Integrate people with disabilities or disadvantaged.

-Promote knowledge and protection of the historical, cultural, artistic patrimony

-Develop social, cultural, artistic, educational and sports activities to create a European citizenship

-Realize youth exchanges and trainings, voluntary services, organization of cultural events

-Help the development of new entrepreneurs & job opportunities -Promote activities and initiatives in tourism development and promotion

-Organize campaigns for peace, brotherhood, and solidarity Y.E.S. is registered in the Regional Register of the Associations and it is member of the following international networks:

-The Youth European Network -European Ecotourism Network -Europe mobility Network.

Name: VondiConsulting
Country: Austria
Foundation year:2006
Website: https://vondi.eu
Contact: thomas.vondrak@vondi.eu
Keywords: Coaches of migrants, Social workers ,Refugees ,Migrants ,Courses , Trainings 

VondiConsulting an independent and internationally operating consulting company , specialised in project management and event management. We have more than 15 years of experience in the development of European projects and mega events. A team of specialised consultants and a broad network of professional partners offer their experience on all areas of European project management and event management. We have been leading partner in several Grundtvig- and LdV-project in the last 10 years

-responsibility for project management and development of several tools for:

• Start-ups-coaching (women and migrants): http://www.cnetcorp.com/en/Grundtvig-Start-Ups/

• Teachers/Coaches of migrants

• Social workers (working for and with migrants)

• Refugees and migrants in Tyrol/Innsbruck)

• Teachers in ground school We work as subcontractor in several courses  and trainings in behalf of:

• Labour market service in Innsbruck (AMS) and Regional government
are well connected to the chamber of commerce and to all VET-instructions in the region (e.g. testing of tools/outcomes and dissemination of best practise) Skills/education of our fulltime staff/experts

–Name: Faal
–Country: Turkey, Ankara
–Foundation year: 2013
–Website: https://faal.org.tr
–Contact: mehmet@faal.org.tr
–Keywords: Organization, empowerment, inclusion, integration , disadvantaged groups 

 The main purpose of the organization is to empower people who can take active role in the society.Active citizenship, social inclusion, integration of disadvantaged groups are main activities. The mission of Faal is to foster and support the sustainable development of local communities and individuals’ empowerment through education and training, human rights and international cooperation. Faal Dernegi has been worked in several strategic partnership which is related with this project as it is needed a competence to develop intellectual output.

Faal Dernegi works with Keciören and Cankaya municipality about many social duties and responsibilities in youth area. Faal performs social activities that aims to increase the life quality of the disadvantaged groups such as





-street urchins.

–Name: Mine Vaganti NGO
–Country: Italy
–Foundation year: 2009
–Website: https://minevaganti.org/it/
–Contact: mvngo.hub@gmail.com
–Keywords: intercultural dialogue, social entrepreneurship, social inclusion  ,Sport, Formal and Non Formal  education

MVNGO is a very dynamic entity in its area (North Sardinia) functioning as the only bridge to European Mobilities for youngsters, adults, VET and HEI users. Since 2009, the NGO has taken part in many transnational projects as the main organizer/coordinator, as partner and as sending organization. To improve professional skills of social workers dealing also with the topic of this project the organization executes local seminars and international events. In its activities and growth MVNGO was and is supported by local and regional institutions / authorities in Italy.

MVNGO MISSION promotes intercultural dialogue, social entrepreneurship, social inclusion through Sport, Formal and Non Formal Education including disadvantaged targets as migrants and people with disabilities.

SERVICES Training, Project Design and implementation, Thematic and Desk Research, International Mobility, and Consultancy are the core services of MVNGO at local, regional and European level for public and private bodies. MVNGO promotes and develops European and transcontinental projects – in the above-mentioned sectors.