As for JST Event, the staff members from each organization came together in Innsbruck, Austria, on the dates 6th-7th-8th-9th of May in 2022. They met in a lovely café called Katzung to start the training. Thomas from Vondi Consulting greeted them with a friendly welcome. Everybody introduced themselves with a local way of saying ‘hello’ in their mother tongues. Then, they moved forward to the ice-breaking activities. With the lead of Vondi Consulting, they played a board game called ‘Diversonopoly.’ With IFALL, they implemented the ‘two truths and a lie’ activity. Mine Vaganti NGO carried out the ‘Sweet Stories’ activity. YES implemented the activities ‘Message in Line’ and ‘Moving Around’. Lastly, they had the ‘Rock-paper-scissors’ activity with the lead of Faal Dernegi.

In the afternoon of the first day, Mémouna from the IFALL organization held a filmmaking process workshop. The day ended with a reflection session. The training team had a pleasant dinner all together in a local restaurant. On the next day, they watched the completed videos-animated videos and interviews- of Intellectual Output 2, and the team provided each other feedback. And, then Mémouna and Sandy implemented a workshop on using the Video scribe platform. Afterwards, the training team went out of the café and shot a video to disseminate the project and Erasmus Plus.

Luca from YES edited the footage and added the logos, and presented how to add translations to the videos. On the last day, the training team informed each other about the tools for the second animation video and had a small brainstorming session. They discussed the next steps of the project and decided on the deadlines. Last but not least, they had an overall evaluation of the training and host organization—thanks to Vondi Consulting for their hospitality.
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