SPEAK (Speaking skill Performance Enhancement in entrepreneurial customs for sociAl worKers) Project’s first step was to make a desk study to see each country’s needs. Every partner researched the main challenges/barriers to public speaking and its application in Entrepreneurial Fields in the national context

Moreover, they discovered the primary skills and competencies related to public speaking thanks to the surveys carried out by each partner. In the light of the findings, the project’s partners created a helpful toolkit that can help to address the competencies and pieces of training needed to improve public speaking skills.  Faal Derneği formed the first chapter, about the target groups’ competencies and Methodologies. Youth Europe Service (YES) created the second chapter about overcoming public speaking fear.

Mine Vaganti NGO formed the third chapter, which is about the types of training. Vondi Consulting created the fourth chapter, which is about the role of educators, and Integration For Alla (IFALL) formed the fifth chapter about the Development of autonomous tools for education in public speaking skill development. Lastly, the sixth chapter consists of the good practices that every partner included at least two to share valuable tools for people who would like to improve their speaking skills.

After completing the content, a graphic designer from IFALL organisation produced a unique design for the TOOLKIT. Each partner translated the toolkit into their official language. Now, there are toolkits in five different languages. You can reach the plans in the section named research toolkit. 

Stay tuned for more:)

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